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The Guardian Lifestyle Plan - Casual employees, including hotdesk

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The Guardian Lifestyle Plan

Casual employees, including hotdesk

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First step

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You are new to the Plan and want an introduction to help you get started:

  • A great way to save
  • Key points to get you started
  • Contributions are tax efficient
  • Opting out

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On your way

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You're saving for your future and want to learn about and manage your Lifestyle Account:

  • How to manage your
    Lifestyle Account with confidence
  • Thinking about combining your various pension accounts?
  • Learn about investments and your options
  • Tools to help you plan for the future

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Getting there

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You're ten years or less from retirement, it is time to make sure your plans are on track:

  • How long your savings will need to last?
  • How much you've saved and how much do you need?
  • Understanding your options from age 55
  • Your investment choices before you use the money in your Lifestyle Account

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You're retiring soon and starting to finalise your plans:

  • Planning your retirement
  • Investment decisions at retirement
  • Your options from age 55


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