Our podcast series on all things de-risking

Institutional Insights

Series 2

Legal & General Retirement Institutional’s (LGRI) podcast, Institutional Insights, covers a range of topics including: Market updates, pension scheme de-risking and longevity views. The episodes feature LGRI’s experts, discussing their views on the key trends in 2021.

Episode 10 - DB pension schemes as part of corporate M&A transactions 

Julian Hobday, Origination & Execution Director, LGRI, Adolfo Aponte, Managing Director, Lincoln Pensions and Tom Lukic, Trustee, Dalriada, discuss what happens when a pension scheme’s corporate sponsor is acquired by another company and the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) agreement includes provisions regarding the pension scheme that makes the  sale conditional on the removal of future DB risk. The episode focuses on a recent transaction completed by Legal & General in November 2020, where Lincoln provided strategic advice to the seller.

Episode 9 - Securing a global PRT transaction

Stefan Hentschel, Head of Treasury & Pension Asset Management, Evonik and John Towner, Head of New Business, LGRI discuss Legal & General’s second global transaction, announced in January 2021. The episode highlights the process from Evonik’s perspective, working together with L&G towards desired objectives and explores why it’s beneficial for a multinational company to have the option of de-risking with the same insurer across countries.

Episode 8 – Converting Assured Payment Policies

We are pleased to have completed our first ever conversion of part of an Assured Payment Policy (APP) to a buy-in. In this episode, Sabeen Iftikhar, New Business Actuary and Frankie Borrell, Head of Client Solutions will explore APPs in more detail including their conversion mechanics, highlighting how innovative solutions such as APPs can help pension schemes on their de-risking journeys.

Episode 7 – Agreeing an umbrella contract

Paige Wilson, New Business Manager and Camilla Curtis, Solicitor for PRT, discuss the process of agreeing an umbrella contract with an insurer. The episode explores how umbrella contracts can help DB pension schemes to capture favourable market moves and take advantage of pricing opportunities.

Episode 6 - How the PRT sector can drive forward ESG initiatives

Across the Legal & General Group, inclusive capitalism is a key principle that drives our corporate strategy and shapes our culture. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors and impact investing in the real economy are at the heart of our investment approach. Anisha Gangwani, Head of Investment Business Development, LGR, explores how Pension Risk Transfer can contribute to our ESG objectives and vision of inclusive capitalism.

Episode 5 – Helping pension schemes to secure a PPF+ transaction 

Rachel Cutts, Orgination & Execution Director and Gavin Smith, Head of Pricing and Execution talk to us about what happens when a pension scheme's sponsor becomes insolvent and the process when agreeing a PPF+ transaction to secure pension members benefits.

Episode 4 - What to expect after a transaction

Senior Transition Managers, Claire Shepherd and David Stevenson talk to us about what happens after a PRT transaction is agreed. They’ll aim to demystify the transition period, by explaining how the process works and how important it is to work closely with the insurer.

Episode 3 - Creating a better company culture through CSR 

Phil Anderson, Chief Operating Officer and Toby Wyithe, CSR Business Partner, at Legal & General Retirement Institutional discuss the benefits of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in business strategy. While reflecting on Legal & General's CSR initiatives in 2020, the episode outlines how CSR can help support customers, employees and the wider community

Episode 2 – The pandemic’s effect on the life reinsurance market

 The global pandemic led to reinsurance shooting up the business news agenda last year. Mike Walsh, Chief Financial Officer and Tom Ault, Chief Business Development Officer of Legal & General’s reinsurance business in Bermuda talk to us about their risk management strategy and the role of life reinsurance in helping businesses throughout the pandemic and beyond. The episode will also explore some of the challenges going forward in 2021 and what companies can do to prepare.

Episode 1 – Looking ahead to 2021 

Dom Moret, Head of Origination & Execution, Legal & General Retirement Institutional (LGRI) and Sheena McEwen, Head of Distribution, Legal & General Retirement America (LGRA) reflect on the Pension Risk Transfer market in 2020, discussing trends and LGRI's highlights of the year. The guests will reference our recently published PRT monitor as they look forward to what we can expect in 2021.





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