Our podcast series on all things de-risking

Institutional Insights

Series 3

Legal & General Retirement Institutional’s (LGRI) podcast, Institutional Insights, covers a range of topics including: Market updates, pension scheme de-risking and longevity views. The episodes feature LGRI’s experts, discussing their views on the key trends in 2021.

Episode 5: Preparing to come to market

We often hear the term “preparation is key” when pension schemes start their de-risking journey, but what does this actually mean? In this episode, we’re joined by Matt Nelmes, New Business Manager in LGRI, who outlines what schemes need to consider before coming to market.


Episode 4: How the environment impacts mortality

A year on, we welcome back Darryl Brundle, Head of Longevity and Ashley Kanter, Longevity Research and Innovation Specialist in LGRI's Longevity team, who have been exploring links between climate change and mortality rates. In this episode, Darryl and Ashley discuss their findings and explain why this information is important to insurers.


Episode 3: The history of Legal & General's PRT business

Legal & General Retirement Institutional is the UK’s market-leading bulk annuity provider, with over 30 years’ experience, it has insured over 3,500 pension schemes and currently looks after over half a million pension policyholders.

It all started in 1986, when senior management created two new business units. One was Group Risk; the other was Bulk Purchase Annuities (BPA). In this episode, we're joined by Dave Poulton, Chief Customer Officer at LGRI and welcome back retired senior actuary Dennis Canham, who was given BPA to “see what he could make of it”, as they discuss how our PRT business has developed throughout the years to what it is today.

Episode 2: Our PRT transaction with the Nortel Networks UK Pension Plan

In part two of our two-part episode, Brian Izzard, Member Nominated Trustee for the Nortel Networks UK Pension Plan and Dom Moret, Head of Origination & Execution, discuss our £2.4 billion PRT transaction in more detail, which enabled the Plan to exit the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) assessment and covered over 20,000 pension members' benefits. They also outline the key elements that made the transaction such a success.

Episode 1 - Becoming a Member Nominated Trustee

In 2018, we announced a £2.4 billion Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) transaction with the Nortel Networks UK Pension Plan, which enabled the Plan to exit the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) assessment. In this two-part episode, we welcome Dom Moret, Head of Origination & Execution at Legal & General Retirement Institutional who worked on the transaction and Brian Izzard, Member Nominated Trustee for the Plan, discussing Brian's journey of becoming a trustee and how he felt when he first heard that Nortel Networks was going into administration.


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