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Investing as you approach retirement

It’s important, particularly if you’re 10 years or less from retirement, to ensure that your pension savings are invested in a way that reflects your circumstances and the way you want to take your money at your selected retirement age. 

If you haven’t done so already, you need to ask yourself a couple of key questions.

Is your selected retirement age right for you?

Do you still intend - or can you afford - to take your money when you had originally planned? 

If your selected retirement age no longer reflects your circumstances or your plans, you may want to change it. 

Whether you still intend to take your money at your selected retirement age, or want to change it, then you should check that your moneys invested in a way that reflects how and when you plan to take the money.

You can always change your Selected Retirement Age as your future plans become clearer. You can do this by logging into Manage Your Account and completing the secure e-form.

Do you know how you plan to take your money?

You have a range of options when it comes to taking money from your pension pot. Have a look at ‘Your options for taking your money’ for more details. 

Knowing how you intend to take your money will help you choose investments that reflect the way you plan to take your pension savings.

There are a number of other factors to consider. The ‘Learn more about investing’ page can help you focus on all the things you should be thinking about when it comes to choosing investments.

Helping you to invest as you approach retirement

We’ve created some llifestyle profiles for member who’d like their pension savings to be invested in a way that reflects their retirement plans without having to actively manage the way they are invested. See the Approaching retirement guide to find out more.

Responsible investing

Find out how a responsible investing approach can be used for pensions on our Environmental, Social and Governance hub.

Approaching retirement guide

A guide to investing your pension savings as you approach your selected retirement date.

Learn more about investing

Some of the things you should be thinking about when making your own choices.

Your guide to how your funds are managed

Find out the key principles we follow when managing our funds and what happens when an unexpected event occurs.