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Welcome to Legal & General Modular

A revolution is coming

Welcome to the future, now.

The 21st century solution to the UK's housing needs...

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Home is where the heart is

Modular homes? What is that? Let us tell you about our vision for the future, how you could help resolve the housing shortage in your area, plus provide much-needed local employment.

How will we do it?

Legal & General Modular Homes will revolutionise the home building industry providing precision engineered factory manufactured houses.

Our product

Our product

We aim to do for housing what Henry Ford did for the modern automotive industry. We will deliver a new solution to the problems we face in the UK in terms of a shortage of suitable, affordable housing. We’ll manufacture better quality, more energy and time efficient and lower cost housing to rival conventional methods.

The unveiling of our first prototype home  

We are hiring

We are hiring on a massive scale, since we are expecting to be recruiting in excess of 400 jobseekers, many of whom are likely to be from the local community. Please find out more about the jobs on offer by vising our Recruitment page.

How do we support our employees?

We take several steps to support our employees' physical and emotional wellbeing.


How do we make sure we are socially responsible?

We’re committed to sustainability and doing the right thing.


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