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Planning tools


Here’s where you can find all our planning tools to help you manage your pension savings.

They’re here to help you make decisions and work out what’s right for you. You can use each one individually, but they also fit together to create a picture of your future and help you plan towards it. 

Picture your future

Whether you’re thinking about day-to-day living, holidays or your home, there’s practical guidance to help you work out how much money you may want to save for your retirement.

The Retirement Living Standards show you what life in retirement looks like at three different levels: minimum, moderate and comfortable. Providing a useful ‘rule of thumb’ of how much money you’ll need each year in your retirement to support the way you want to live.

Find out what your future might look like at

How much will you actually need?

Get a clearer picture of how much income you might need in retirement. Our tool helps you think through the cost of retirement and you can tailor this to your needs.

How much will you need? tool

Retirement planning tool

Once you've got an idea of how much you'll need in retirement, head over to our retirement planner to see if your pension savings are currently on track to give you the income you need.

Retirement planning tool

Boost your savings

If you’re considering saving more into your pension, use our tool to see where your money goes and where you could look to make small changes to free up a bit of extra cash.

Boost your savings tool