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Getting your pensions into one place

If you’ve got pension pots with previous employers, you can normally transfer them into your new plan. Keeping your pension savings in one place could make them easier to manage, cost you less and give you greater choice, but it might not be right for everyone. There are a few things you need to consider before you make a decision, including:

  • the charges for each plan
  • whether there are any penalties for transferring
  • whether there are any benefits or guarantees you might lose if you move your money
  • what options are available at retirement

If you are considering transferring your plan to us, we recommend you read the Guide to pension transfers.

Our pension trace and consolidation service, how it works.

Getting advice

We would always recommend taking financial advice to make sure that transferring is the right thing for you. You can find an adviser in your local area at Financial advisers usually charge a fee for their services, but it will be personal to you and your circumstances. We offer you a way of paying your adviser directly from your savings pot, called a facilitated adviser charge. The Facilitated adviser charge guide explains how this works.

We will only accept a transfer payment from a pension scheme that has safeguarded benefits or is invested in a With Profits Fund, if you have received financial advice that recommends you make the transfer.

Safeguarded benefits include some sort of guarantee about the rate of secure pension income that you, or your survivors, might receive. Examples include:

  • Defined Benefit scheme (referred to as final salary schemes)
  • Has a Guaranteed Annuity Rate
  • Has a Guaranteed Minimum Pension

You may be able to transfer from a defined benefit pension scheme without advice if the value of your transfer is under £30,000. You should be aware of the risks of transferring from a defined benefit pension scheme and understand the consequences of doing so. Please contact our helpline on 0345 026 7579 for further information.

We also cannot accept a transfer from a plan that is in income drawdown or flexi-access drawdown. You can check if any of these apply to you on your most recent pension statement from your previous provider.

Use our pension trace and consolidation service

We’re pleased to offer you a new pension trace and consolidation, provided by My Future Now (MFN). MFN is part of Legal & General Retirement and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Key benefits

  • A quick, free and easy way to combine all your pension pots in one place
  • The potential to save on pension management charges
  • Online process accessible from your laptop, tablet or phone
  • Easier to plan your retirement income
  • There’s no obligation to proceed

What to do next

  • Follow this link to My Future Now to find out more about the service, and how to register. 
  • All you need is your National Insurance number and the names of your previous providers and/or employers. 
  • Specially trained staff at My Future Now will check the paperwork to ensure you don’t sacrifice any guaranteed benefits or special features in your existing pension plans. 
  • If there are any guarantees, then a transfer won’t be able to proceed. They will email you to let you know what next steps you can take.  
  • Once you’ve registered with My Future Now there is no obligation to proceed. 


  1. If you decide not to use My Future Now to transfer other pots into this pension plan, you can call our helpline or email us at and we will send you the transfer paperwork.
  2. Once you’ve made your decision and filled in the paperwork, return it to us and we’ll contact your previous pension provider and start the transfer process for you. 
  3. When the transfer has been completed we’ll write to you to confirm how much was transferred.

The timescales to complete your transfer can vary. If your previous provider uses the pension provider paperless transfer service your pension transfer could be completed within 10 working days.

If completion of your transfer request needs to go through the post it will take longer, sometimes up to 8 weeks. This depends on your previous provider’s requirements and they may ask you to complete further forms to transfer your pension plan.

Guide to pension transfers

This explains what you should think about when deciding whether to transfer an old pension plan.

Manage Your Account

Keeping up to date with your pension savings is easy with Legal & General's online service, Manage Your Account.

Finding lost pensions

You can find lost savings pots through My Future Now.