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About auto enrolment

Auto enrolment is a government initiative designed to help people save for their retirement. This means that M&S must enrol you into a suitable pension plan if you meet certain criteria.

How does it work?

  • All employees are assessed for eligibility based on their earnings and age. 
  • If you’re enrolled, you and M&S will pay into your savings pot on a regular basis to help you save for your future.
  • Your contributions are taken automatically from your pay and once you’ve been enrolled you can look at paying in more if you want to.
  • You’ll get a letter confirming that you’ve been enrolled and how much you and M&S will contribute.

For lots of people, paying into their company pension plan is a great way to save for later in life. However, it may not be right for everyone. If it isn’t the right thing for you, you can opt out of the plan online using Choice. Your letter will explain how to do this.

Joining voluntarily

If you're not eligible to be auto enrolled then you can still apply to join by completing the join the Plan form.

Auto enrolment guide

For a detailed explanation of what auto enrolment is, why you’ve been enrolled and what your options are.

Member's booklet

This booklet provides a full overview of the Plan and explains how it works.

This isn’t for me

If a workplace pension isn’t right for you, you can opt out of the plan.