Children's Critical Illness Cover

If you choose to add Critical Illness Cover for an additional cost when you take out a life cover policy, Children’s Critical Illness Cover is automatically included.

If you already have Critical Illness Cover with us, please refer to your original policy documents for full terms and conditions and definitions available to you. The critical illnesses you're already covered for may be different from those listed below.


Children's Critical Illness Cover at a glance:

  • Natural, legally adopted and stepchildren, as well as any children the policyholder may have in the future.
  • The child is covered from when they are 30 days old to their 18th birthday (or 21st birthday if they are in full time education).
Waiting period
  • If a child is diagnosed with one of our specified critical illnesses during the term and survives for 14 days after the date of diagnosis and is eligible to claim, the relevant amount of cover is paid.
Benefit level
  • The maximum payable for a child meeting the definition of a critical illness is up to £25,000 or 50% of your amount of cover, whichever is lowest.
  • Only one claim can be made per child.
  • We will pay claims for a maximum of two children.
  • No payment is made on death.
  • Any claim under Children's Critical Illness Cover does not affect the original amount of cover under the main plan.
  • The child’s condition is present at birth
  • The symptoms first arise before the child is covered; or
  • The child dies within 14 days of meeting the definition of the critical illness


Additional benefits of Children's Critical Illness Cover

Child Accident Hospitalisation Benefit

If your child is admitted to hospital with physical injuries, immediately following an accident, for a minimum of 28 consecutive days, we'll pay out £5000 to help you at this difficult time. 

Our definition of 'physical injury' is one that has resulted solely and directly from unforeseen, external, violent or visible means and must be independent from any other cause. 

The benefit will only be paid if the accident doesn’t result in us paying out under Children’s Critical Illness Cover. We will pay one claim per child, to a maximum of two children. If the same child is covered by more than one policy issued by us, we will pay a maximum of £10,000 for that child under this benefit.

Child Funeral Benefit

In the tragic event of your child passing away, we will contribute £4000 towards funeral costs. Up to a maximum of two Child Funeral Benefit claims are covered per policy. There are also some conditions that apply:

  • If the child's condition was present at birth the claim would not be paid
  • The claim wouldn't be paid if the cause of death was present before the policy was put in place
  • The claim wouldn't be paid if we have already paid a critical illness claim for the child.

Childcare Benefit

If you, the parent, make a critical illness claim and we pay out, you will receive up to £1000 towards childcare costs whilst you recover. The claim would be paid upon receipt of proof of payment from a registered child-minder and is applicable to a natural child, legally adopted child or step-child under 5 years old. This benefit covers childcare that takes place in the 18 months following your diagnosis.

Family Accommodation Benefit

For every night your child spends in a hospital in the three months immediately following diagnosis of one of the critical illnesses covered Children's Critical Illness Cover we will pay you £100 per night, up to a maximum of £1000. 

Extra protection with Critical Illness Cover