Over 50 lifestyle guides

Mature couple exercising at home

Looking after yourself in winter

Read our winter health tips on how to stay warm this winter, overcoming feelings of isolation, getting enough vitamin D and boosting your immune system.
Female GP with her patient

Health checks for over 50s

Learn about health screenings available for over 50s, like NHS health checks, cholesterol level tests and how often to have smear tests and mammograms.
Senior couple sitting in the park

Over 50s dating

You can find love at any time, so there is nothing to fear from over 50s dating. Read our top tips on how to start dating again after 50.
secure your family’s financial future

How to secure your family’s financial future

There are lots of ways to help secure your family’s financial future – from life insurance to making a will. Read our guide on the steps you can take.
Senior man inserting his hearing aid

What causes hearing loss?

Many of us experience hearing impairments as we age. But what are the causes of hearing loss and how can we protect ourselves? Find out more in our guide.
image of a man and woman drinking wine on a date

Dating after the death of a partner

If you’ve recently lost a partner, how do you know if you’re ready to start dating again? Read our guide to grief and new relationships.
Budget friendly activities or over 50s

Budget friendly activities for over 50s

Amid the cost of living crisis, how can older people maintain a social life and be financially stable? We explore some budget hobbies for the over 50s.
Menopause visual

Guide to the menopause

What is menopause? With so many of us experiencing it at some point in our lives, find out more about the symptoms, how long it lasts and how to embrace it.
Stroke letters

Signs of a stroke

There are various signs of a stroke, and spotting these warning signs could help a loved one get urgent medical attention faster. Learn more in our guide.
Grandmother walking with grandchildren

The benefits of walking

Walking is beneficial for our physical and mental health. But what are the exact health benefits of walking each day? Find out in our Legal & General guide.