Business protection


Operate at business as usual with the right
protection in place should the worst happen
to your key employees.

Introducing Business Protection Insurance

Running a business can be a hugely rewarding but challenging experience, and unforeseen events can cause disruption, or even put the stability of a business at risk.

Whilst no one can predict the future, Business Protection is there to help your company continue to thrive in the unfortunate event of a key employee, business owner or director suddenly becoming critically ill or passing away.

What is Business Protection?

Certainty and stability allow a business to flourish, and with Business Protection, you can put provisions in place to ensure your company is not compromised in the event of someone suffering from terminal illness, critical illness or death.

Why is Business Protection important?

Every business wants to have its key people ready and available to work. But there is no shortage of surprises that can disrupt ‘business as usual’ – from serious illness to loss of life.

Explore our guides to the various types of business protection, plus more information on the policies we offer:

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Key person insurance

The loss of a key person from your company can have a destabilising effect. Our Key Person Protection gives you a backup plan if an indispensable colleague dies, or is absent due to a specified critical illness (if chosen at outset for an extra cost) or terminal illness (life expectancy less than 12 months).

Key person insurance
Shareholder insurance

Shareholder insurance

The unexpected loss of a senior shareholder could complicate your company’s financial arrangements. Our Share Protection policy enables you to buy out the shares of a partner or director if they’ve died, or have become terminally or critically ill, if a valid claim is made during the length of the policy.

Relevant life insurance

If you’re looking to provide an individual death in service benefit for your employees, you may wish to consider our Relevant Life Plan. It means that if an employee dies while the policy is in place, their loved ones can receive a lump sum.

Relevant life plan
Business loan protection

Business loan insurance

When you take out our Business Loan Protection, you’ll have some confidence in knowing that you can still pay an outstanding overdraft, loan or commercial mortgage even if the loan’s guarantor at your company has died or is unable to work due to a terminal illness (life expectancy less than 12 months) or critical illness (if chosen at outset for an extra cost).

Speak to a qualified financial adviser

If you'd like to discuss which type of business protection might suit your business, and for all other enquiries about business protection, email or contact Legal & General on 0800 197 9208 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday). Calls may be monitored.

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