Accidental Death Benefit We give you Accidental Death Benefit while we process your application, giving you some peace of mind that you’re covered in case of accidental death.
Terminal Illness Cover This benefit means that your policy (minimum term of 2 years) could pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of a terminal illness, rather than on death, providing financial support at a time when it could be needed the most. No terminal illness claim can be made after the death of the person insured.
Making changes to your policy You can make changes to your policy, such as changing the term, the amount of cover, switching from joint to single policies or even changing your premium payments from monthly to annually. We also offer the Guaranteed Insurability option which lets you increase your cover on certain life events.
Accident Hospitalisation Benefit In the unfortunate event that you're admitted to hospital with physical injuries immediately following an accident, and you stay for a minimum of 28 days we will pay out £5000.
Children's Critical Illness Cover If you've taken out one of our life with Critical Illness Cover products we will automatically include Children's Critical Illness Cover at no extra cost.

Optional benefit:

Waiver of Premium                                                                                                                      For an additional cost, Waiver of Premium can be added at the start of your policy. It means your premiums are waived when you are too ill to undertake your normal occupation due to incapacity caused by illness or injury. You're responsible for maintaining your premiums for the first 26 weeks of incapacity, after 26 weeks, we’ll waive your monthly payments, giving you one less thing to think about.

If you decide to add Waiver of Premium you’ll be asked to select the option when you apply online.

Read the  , Policy Terms and Conditions (PDF: 200KB)   before you apply.