Later Life Planning

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How does Capital Gains Tax work with gifts?

What are the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) implications of gifting assets such as property to loved ones? Find out more in the Legal & General guide to CGT.
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How much can I gift to my grandchildren?

There are rules around gifting family money, such as children and grandchildren. Read our guide to Inheritance Tax gifts and allowances.
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Can you insure your parents?

Did you know you can sometimes get life insurance for parents? In this guide we describe how you might be able to insure your parents with life cover.
Inheritance tax and estate planning

Estate planning

Careful estate planning makes it easier to figure out how to leave a house to someone in a will. For the full picture, read our guide on the best ways to leave money and other assets in a will.
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What happens to debt when you die?

Not sure what happens to debt after someone dies? Read on to learn about how debt is managed and paid after death.
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What happens to my pets if I die?

We all want our pets to have a safe, loving home after we’re gone. Read on to explore what happens to pets when their owners die and how to express your wishes.
Caring for elderly mother

Caring for ageing parents

Helping elderly parents is a fulfilling way to support your loved ones, but has its challenges. Read our guide to supporting an older parent.
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How to write a letter of wishes

Writing a letter of wishes alongside a will ensures you can express how you’d like your estate to be distributed. Read our guide to farewell wishes.