Can you have more than one life insurance policy?

Yes, while it is possible for you to have more than one life insurance policy, if you find your situation changes in the future its sometimes possible to adapt your existing policy. So, while you can have more than one life insurance policy, there may be other options if you need to review your cover.

How many life insurance policies can I have?

In theory you can have multiple life insurance policies. There’s no law that prevents you from having a combination of single life and joint life insurance policies, but many customers prefer instead to adapt their existing policy according to their changing needs.

Changing your cover

We understand that people’s circumstances change. Key life events cause many people to reconsider their insurance arrangements.  But did you know, with Legal & General you may be able to increase your life insurance cover without the need for further medical information on certain life events? You can also ask to make other changes such as changing the term, the amount of cover, switching from joint to single policies or even changing your premium payments from monthly to annually. Terms and conditions apply.

Let us know your life insurance needs

No one’s circumstances stay the same forever, If you need to make changes to your policy please talk to us and we’ll consider your request and let you know if what you’re asking for is possible and what the new premium would be. If you make any changes to the policy then a new policy may be set up and different terms and conditions could apply. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from taking out more than one life insurance policy, but our flexible approach means it’s not strictly necessary.