Life Insurance Guides

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Life insurance and tax

Find out what impact Inheritance Tax could have on life insurance policies, what the thresholds for Inheritance Tax are and how putting your life insurance into trust could help.
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Putting life insurance in trust

Manage your estate by putting life insurance in trust. Read our guide on choosing trustees and protecting your beneficiaries.
What happens to life insurance if you die abroad

Does life insurance pay out if you die overseas?

Can you claim on Legal & General life insurance following a death abroad? Find out how UK life insurance policies work after an overseas death.
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High Risk Life Insurance

Can you get ‘high risk’ life insurance if you’ve got a dangerous occupation or hobby? Read the Legal & General guide to affordable ‘high risk’ life insurance.
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Life insurance for young adults

Provided you're over 18, it's never too soon to start thinking about taking out a life insurance policy. In our guide, we explain why getting life cover sooner rather than later can be a good idea.
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What's the difference between life insurance and mortgage life insurance?

Learn more about the main differences between the two types of insurance.
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Arthritis and Life Insurance

There are millions of people in the UK living with arthritis. But does life insurance or critical illness insurance cover arthritis? Find out in our guide.

Cancelling your life insurance policy

There are many reasons why you may want to cancel your life insurance policy, however, this isn't always the best option in the long term. Read our guide on how to cancel life insurance and what other options are available to you.
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Short term life insurance

Can you get short term life insurance? Our guide explains how life insurance works for short term requirements, such as periods between employment.
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How much Critical Illness Cover do I need?

Critical Illness Cover can support you financially if you're diagnosed with a critical illness. Find out how much cover you may need.