What is marriage allowance

What is marriage allowance?

The marriage tax allowance can reduce a couple’s income tax liability. But how does marriage allowance work? Discover more in our guide.
How can you help your loved ones get on the property ladder?

How to get your family on the property ladder

Many parents and grandparents wonder how to help their family get on the property ladder. Are springboard mortgages the answer? Read more in our guide.
what to do when your partner moves in

What to do when your partner moves in

If a partner moves in, there are implications for your insurance, bills and perhaps your benefit entitlements. Read more about cohabiting relationships.
Legal guardian

How to appoint a legal guardian

No parent likes to imagine a time when they’re not around to look after the kids. But what is a legal guardian and why does it matter? Read our guide.
life cover - resources - img - Family life insurance - Father playing with daughters in kitchen - 730x411

Life insurance for your family

Protect your loved ones’ standard of living with family life insurance from Legal & General. Read about our family life insurance plans and get a quote.
When to talk about life insurance - small

When to talk about life insurance

Life insurance isn’t always the easier subject to raise, but in our guide, we cover some of the best life insurance conversation starters. Read more.
Life insurance after divorce - small

Life insurance after divorce

Going through a divorce can be a challenge for any couple, but how does it affect your life insurance? Read our guide to life insurance divorce settlements.
Life insurance when pregnant

Life insurance when pregnant

In this guide, we’ll look at the different ways you can buy life insurance while pregnant, and whether it affects your premiums or ability to get covered.
Anxiety in children - small

Anxiety in children

Legal & General asked Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin to explain some of the common anxieties in children and what you can do to help your child worry less, here's what she told us.
Bereaved person considerations

Financial considerations for the bereaved

It can be hard to think about life after a loved one passes away. This guide aims to help you navigate handling bills, bank accounts, debts and the bereavement benefits that may be available. Find out more.