Pension guides

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Should I retire early?

Should I retire early? Explore common reasons for early retirement, the pros and cons of early retirement pension options.
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Should I be saving into a pension?

If you're not already saving into a pension, or aren't sure how much you should be saving, read our article on saving into a workplace or personal pension.
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How to retire early

Early retirement brings a wealth of benefits, but there is also a lot to consider. We guide you through the process of how to retire early.
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Pension Credit: What is it and can I get it?

If you’re not sure what Pension Credit is or want to find out if you’re eligible, our guide will explain how to claim this State Pension top-up.
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The FIRE movement – what is it?

Learn what the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement in the UK is and who it’s for.
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Can I withdraw my private pension before 55?

Learn about withdrawing a private pension before 55 and read the advantages and disadvantages, including whether it's worth taking an early pension.
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What age can I retire?

Whether you're nearing retirement or considering working into your 70s and beyond, there's plenty to think about. We look at a few things that might help you choose the right retirement age.
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What is a private pension?

What is a private pension and how do they work? Read our guide to find out the key information on private and personal pensions.
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What is a defined contribution pension?

What is a defined contribution pension and how do they work? Read our guide for key information on private and personal pension types.
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Gender Pension Gap

Do men and women have different approaches to saving in later life, and is there a pension savings gap as a result? We explore in full.