Over 50 life insurance guides

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What is Power of Attorney?

Giving someone the Power of Attorney means decisions about your medical care and finances should be in safe hands. But what is Power of Attorney? Find out here.
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What is probate?

A Grant of Probate helps you take control of a loved one’s legal and financial affairs. But when is probate required? Find out in our guide.
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Is over 50s life insurance worth it?

Over 50s Life Insurance provides peace of mind when it comes to covering your final expenses. Discover the pros and cons of this type of insurance.
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Life insurance for Over 60s

Getting life insurance over 60 may be simpler than you think. Read our guide on how to get the right financial protection in later life.
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Senior life insurance

Find out more about the life insurance options available to you as a senior with our helpful guide.
Tips for buying o50s life insurance

Tips for buying over 50s life insurance

Trying to choose over 50s life insurance? This guide to Legal & General’s Fixed Over 50s Life Insurance could provide you with some invaluable advice.
Compare over 50s life insurance

Compare life insurance for over 50s

When you’re 50 and above, how do you choose between different life insurance policies? Discover how to compare over 50s life insurance plans in our guide.
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Life insurance over 70

If you’re looking for over 70s life insurance, there are more options than you may think. Read our guide on the different types of life insurance for those over 70.
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Over 50s life insurance vs funeral plans

What are the advantages of over 50s life insurance versus funeral plans? Read our verdict and decide how to cover the cost of your funeral.
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How life insurance for over 50s can help your family

If you’re looking to leave your family a cash sum after you die, why not consider Legal & General’s Over 50s Life Insurance? Find out how it works.