How do I make a claim for Income Protection?

It’s important you contact us as soon as possible when you need to make a claim, as it can take us time to gather all the information we need.

For us to fully assess your claim, we’ll need to receive all the information we request from both you and any third party (such as a Doctor).

We want to avoid delays to your benefit being paid, so please help us to do this as quickly as possible.

Key points to know about the claims process

Contact us to make a claim as soon as you’re unable to work if you believe your illness or injury will likely continue past your waiting or chosen deferred period.

  • We sometimes rely on third parties such as healthcare providers and the NHS to provide evidence, which can mean delays to when your claim will be assessed.
  • Your benefit will be paid on a monthly basis in arrears. This means we aim to send your first payment 1 month after the end of your deferred period. This is the minimum number of weeks we’ll wait before we start paying your monthly benefit. However, this may be delayed if it takes longer for us to be notified, or to assess and approve your claim, meaning that your claim may not be paid out immediately. This is more likely if you’ve chosen a short deferred period, such as 4 or 8 weeks.
  • If this happens, we’ll make your first payment as soon as possible after your claim has been accepted. This will include any backdated payments due in line with the terms and conditions. It’s important you consider any financial arrangements you need to make so you can continue paying your bills until your claim can be paid.
  • When you make a claim, we use your income from just before you became sick or injured to work out your monthly benefit. This means if you’ve changed your hours or are earning less than you were when your policy started, your monthly benefit might be lower. It’s important to regularly review your cover to make sure it still meets your needs.  So, if your income increases or decreases, you may want to review your Income Protection Benefit.
  • If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, please let your claims assessor know.
  • More information can be found in your policy documents.