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Life cover support

Find the answer to a question or more information about life cover you have in place with us.

Insurance support

Find the answer to a question or more information about insurance you have in place with us.


Find the most commonly requested customer service forms to help you service your bonds, pensions and change your address.

Protecting your data

Learn more about The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what it means for you.

Login to My Account

For the majority of our products, the easiest way to access your product details is online through our customer self-service system, My Account.

Here you can view your policy details, update your personal information and send us a secure message.

If you haven't used My Account before, you'll need to register. It only takes a couple of minutes and all you need is your policy number.

Exclusive offers for you

You already trust us with some of your financial needs, so if you're looking for quality insurance from an award winning provider, why not make the most of our exclusive customer offers.

Beware of scams

Pension and investments scams continue to be a threat in the UK, and you should ensure that you're very careful before giving out your information or entering into an investment. The Money Advice Service provides information that will help you identify these sorts of scams and how to try and avoid them.

In some circumstances we may need to make a payment to you in respect of a plan you hold with us, or one that you have previously held. If this happens, we may contact you and ask for your bank details. To ensure that this request is legitimate, you can contact us on 03700 500 263 to verify it and provide any information over the phone.

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