Equity release guides

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How to consolidate debt

Debt consolidation allows you to combine all existing debts into one loan. Learn how.
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What is a Flexible Lifetime Mortgage?

Learn about Flexible Lifetime Mortgages, how our Interest Roll Up Lifetime Mortgage works and what the money released can be used for.
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How much equity can I release?

Learn about how much equity you can release from your home and discover all you need to know about equity release.
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Downsize or equity release?

Here are some of the things to think about if you’re considering downsizing, or taking out a lifetime mortgage, a form of equity release.
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Types of equity release

It's important to be aware of the different types of equity release available before deciding which is best for you. Learn about all your options here.

Our research

Our latest research shows how Bank of Family lending in 2023 has provided more money than ever before to help family members get on the property ladder.

Guide to gifting

If you’re thinking about gifting, download our free guide to learn how to make a real impact.

Bank of family

If you’re considering gifting to family to help them when they need it most, read our Guide to Gifting to help you all enjoy your brightest financial future.
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Remortgaging to release equity

If you’ve owned your home for a long time, you’ll probably have seen its price rise by quite a lot. You might have paid off some or all of your mortgage too, so you’ll have a fair bit of equity tied up in your home. Now you may be looking to release some of it by remortgaging.
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How to boost your retirement income

We explore ways you could boost your retirement income and dig deeper into alternatives to pensions such as equity release.