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What are the duties of the executor of a will?

The executor for a will has a range of responsibilities following the death of a friend or family member. Learn more in our Legal & General guide.
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Living wills and advanced decisions

A living will gives medical professionals an insight into your future care needs. Find out what an advance decision means in our dedicated guide.
Witnessing and signing a will

Who can witness and sign a will?

Who are the valid witnesses to a will? In this Legal & General guide, we explore who can sign a will so that the document is executed properly.
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Making a will online

Online will writing services make it easier to protect your loved ones after you've gone. Find out more and make a will online.
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What happens if you die without a will?

If you die without leaving a will in the UK, intestacy rules come into play. Read our guide on what happens if you die without a will.
Changing a will after death

Can a will be changed after death?

A beneficiary can change a will after death by organising what’s known as a deed of variation. But what is a deed of variation? Find out in our guide.
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Giving money to charity in your will

Gifting money to charity in a will is a generous way to plan your estate. Read our guide on how to give to charity in a will.
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The importance of writing a will

Writing a will is important in making sure your loved ones inherit your money and assets after you’re gone. But what should you put in a will? Read our guide.
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Planning for the future

Writing a will is an important life decision, but why are some people choosing not to? We commissioned a survey to understand people’s will making habits. Read more.
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Contesting a will

Challenging a will is not something you do lightly. But if you have good grounds for contesting a UK will, read our guide on what you can do next.