What does Tumelo do?

The Tumelo team creates technology that helps members understand what their pension savings invest in and provides a greater relevance to where the money goes when it leaves their payslips.

The premise is, that a better understanding of their pension will lead your members to interact with their savings. Helping them to work towards a higher income in retirement and understand the influence they can have as investors. 

  1. Using the Tumelo platform could:

    • Boost what your members think about your scheme
    • Show that you’re committed to transparency, sustainable investment, and stewardship
    • Increase the level of your members’ financial literacy
    • Help you learn more about your members (e.g. how much they really understand about investing and their pension, what aspects of their pension are they most interested in?) which could better inform decisions you make about your scheme.
  2. How does Tumelo work?

    On joining the user-friendly platform, Tumelo explains the voting process as part of the members’ introduction. Their underlying holdings (the companies their pensions invest in) are clearly displayed along with any specific issues that members can vote on.

  3. Creating awareness

    We’ll provide you with everything you need to launch Tumelo, including email drafts and design along with a launch communication and engagement schedule.

  4. Ongoing communications

    Once employees have signed up to the platform, they will receive regular (weekly or fortnightly) emails from the Tumelo team, alerting them of any exciting new votes that they can participate in, and any news about vote results.