Why choose Legal & General?

Since our entry into the lifetime mortgage market in 2015, we've been a primary agent of growth and change.

Our growth has been the result of a number of factors – From delivering excellent customer service and innovating within the sector, to aiming to provide excellent value for customers through competitive interest rates - we’ve made lifetime mortgages accessible to more customers who need them.

£76 million
approximately taken each week, on average, during 2018
£1 trillion
approximately held in housing wealth across the market for over 55s
Since 2015, we've helped over 74,000 customers get a lifetime mortgage
We've lent over £2.9 billion, with almost £1.2 billion in 2018
applications are processed a week on average
1 in 3
customers choose us. Making us one of the largest lifetime mortgage lenders in the UK
increase in new customers year on year over the last 3 years

What our customers say about us

Excellent product and service. Wish I had known about it sooner.
Had made enquiries for equity release with two other providers, but Legal & General were absolutely the best. No fuss, no hassle, clarity of information, speed of process and efficiency. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.
This is a lifetime mortgage that we’re comfortable with. Reasonable interest rates and terms, which make it seem like a sensible financial decision.
Almost 80% of cases go straight to valuation
85 Net Promoter Score from our customers feedback
Vulnerable people
Our staff are trained to recognise the signs of these types of customers

Key features of our products

  • Easy digital application - Apply entirely online and get a valuation quickly.
  • No Negative Equity Guarantee - Never pay back more than the property is sold for, as long at it’s sold at the best price reasonably obtainable.
  • Compassionate Repayment Feature - Joint policy holders pay no Early Repayment Charge if the loan is repaid by the remaining borrower within three years of the death or entry into care of the other borrower.
  • Optional Inheritance Protection - Ensure there’ll be equity left for beneficiaries. Subject to terms and conditions.
  • Optional Partial Repayment -  Repay up to 10% of the loan each year without any Early Repayment Charges. Subject to terms and conditions.
  • Drawdown facility - Release some cash at the outset and borrow more later from the remaining amount (min £2000 and not available on our Income Lifetime Mortgage). Subject to terms and conditions.

Our Lifetime Mortgages

  • Flexible - Allows your client to release some of the money that’s tied up in their home without having to move or make any monthly payments.

Flexible Lifetime Mortgage 

  • Optional Payment - Allows your client to release equity from their home and pay some or all of the monthly interest which will reduce the amount of interest that rolls up.

Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgage 

  • Income - Allows your client to release the money in their home to provide them with a regular monthly income for a fixed term.

Income Lifetime Mortgage 

A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured on your client's home.


We're proud of our award-winning products and services.

Lifetime mortgage calculator

Our handy online tool can help your clients visualise the value of a lifetime mortgage.

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