Property wealth in over 55s

Many advisers are already using later life mortgages to help clients make smarter choices about their finances.

As house prices continue to rise, are you considering how clients with sizeable property wealth could utilise one of their biggest assets?

A later life mortgage is a loan for over 55's, secured against your client's home.

Think differently series

We’re launching a ‘Think Differently’ video series, providing advisers with a wealth of content to support them with their planning conversations.

To kick off the series, we've partnered with tax expert Tony Wickenden, founder of Technical Connection. Throughout Autumn Tony will be discussing a range of topics.

Stay close to our webpage to see the series unfold throughout September and beyond.

This week's video

A Tax efficient approach to decumulation

In episode 3, Tony Wickenden, founder of Technical Connection provides his thoughts on A Tax efficient approach to decumulation.

‘Are there any occasions when borrowing on security of the main residence through an appropriate lifetime mortgage can make sense?’ – Tony Wickenden

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Technical resources to help you grow smarter

Our technical resources are designed to build your confidence in later life mortgages, help you create new business opportunities and demonstrate different planning options for your clients.