Thanks to you, more clients can embrace the future with confidence

When you set up a lifetime mortgage for your clients, you’re not just helping them release the equity in their home. You’re fulfilling dreams. Answering needs.

At Legal & General, we understand the difference your advice can make. That’s why our lifetime mortgages are here to help you do what you do, so your customers can live the lives they want.

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About our Lifetime Mortgages

When your clients' spent a lifetime creating a happy home, the last thing they want to do is sell it to achieve financial stability or help their family. But many over 55s think this is the only way to realise their goals.

Thanks to you and our lifetime mortgages, they'll be able to embrace the future with confidence.

Together, we make it possible for your clients to manage their financial challenges in later life, without them having to sell their home.

Our Lifetime Mortgages can be taken as a lump sum with drawdown options. Choose from Flexible Lifetime Mortgage or Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgage.


Who can a lifetime mortgage help?

A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your client’s home that is usually repaid when your client dies or moves out of their home into long term care. It can help clients in lots of different situations.

Whether they want to adapt their home for their changing needs, get grandchildren on the property ladder, go their separate ways following a divorce, fund care costs or even pay off a maturing interest-only mortgage.

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Since our entry into the lifetime mortgage market in 2015, we've been a primary agent of growth and change. Find out why advisers choose Legal & General as a lender.



Key documents

Energy Saver Cashback offer

Helping your clients

We’ll provide 10% cashback on the total cost of home energy efficiency improvements, up to £1,000 on an initial advance or £200 on a drawdown.

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Product comparison

Use our comparison table to help decide which product may best suit your clients needs

  Flexible Lifetime Mortgage Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgage
A tax-free lump sum Included

A minimum loan of £10,000


A minimum loan of £10,000

Minimum property value £70,000 or £100,000 for flats, maisonettes, ex-council, ex-housing association or ex-Ministry of Defence properties. £70,000 or £100,000 for flats, maisonettes, ex-council, ex-housing association or ex-Ministry of Defence properties.
No affordability checks Included Included
Take additional amounts through drawdown Included Included
Make overpayments or Optional Partial Repayments (OPR's)1 Included Included

Can only be made once your client stopped making the monthly interest payments 

Fixed interest rates
Pay some or all of the monthly interest by Direct Debit Not included Included
Stop making monthly interest payments at any time Not included Included
Compound interest Included Included

By paying some or all of the monthly interest, your client can reduce the overall cost of the lifetime mortgage

Stay in and continue to own their home Included Included
Transfer mortgage when they move home2 Included Included
No Negative Equity Guarantee Included Included
May affect means-tested state benefits Included Included
Inheritance Protection Option (This optional extra allows your client to protect part of the value of their home for inheritance) Included Included

1Subject to terms and conditions.

2Subject to the new property meeting our criteria.



Lifetime Mortgage calculator

Our Lifetime Mortgage calculator helps financial advisers to:

  • Show your clients how much they may be able to release from their home.
  • Demonstrate examples for both taking the maximum available as an initial advance or taking a smaller initial amount where the remainder can be drawn on in the future.
  • Illustrate the effect of our inheritance protection option on the total loan amount available.
  • Explore the impact of house price inflation.
  • Highlight how the interest on their loan increases over time.
  • Create a summary of your client's choices and possible results.

The calculator results are examples only. A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured on your client’s home. It will reduce the value of your client’s estate and may affect their entitlement to means tested state benefits.