Pension Annuity and fixed term annuities

Retirement income

Our product offering includes lifetime annuities that reflect health and lifestyle conditions and fixed term products that are designed to generate an income for your client over a term.

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Lifetime Care Plan

Our immediate needs annuity

Our Lifetime Care Plan, an immediate needs annuity, provides a guaranteed monthly payment for life to help pay for your clients’ care home fees.

Lifetime Mortgages

Equity release solutions to release money from the home.

A Lifetime Mortgage allows your clients to unlock equity from their home without moving. Our Lifetime Mortgages can be taken as a lump sum with drawdown options or as a monthly income.

Retirement Interest Only Mortgage

An interest-only mortgage with a fixed interest rate for life.

If your client’s existing interest-only mortgage is coming to an end, they could use the Retirement Interest Only Mortgage (RIO) to pay the outstanding balance and stay in the home they love.