For the 2021 Awards, we are excited to announce that we have a few changes to the awards process this year. We want to open up our awards to as many lenders and broker firms as possible and are thrilled to launch the first stage of our award process TODAY.

Please note that to be eligible for the awards, you must be a member of / on-panel with the L&G Mortgage Club.

Our 2021 Entry Process

We have updated the award categories for 2021 and these can be downloaded here.

This year’s entry process has several stages, each of which are outlined below.


  1. Stage 1 – Self-Nomination

    For this year's awards, we are now asking lender and broker firms to self-nominate themselves for those categories they wish to be entered for. You may enter as many categories as you believe are relevant to your business. 

    This stage is now live – please use the relevant form link below to start your entry process.

    The deadline for completion of the self-nomination forms is Friday 7th May 2021, followed by the verification process. 

    Lender categories - we are also asking lenders to provide a short profile for each category they are self-nominating for. There is also a declaration they must check to confirm they are a member of the L&G Mortgage Club lender panel.

    Broker categories - we are asking firms to provide a short profile for the Best Broker for Digital Innovation award only. There are also 2 declarations they must check to confirm they are a) a member of the L&G Mortgage Club, and b) that they have placed £20 million in mortgage lending via L&G Mortgage Club during 2020. 


  2. Stage 2 – Verification Process

    Brokers – there is criteria that brokers need to meet in the self-nomination stage in order to be eligible to enter. The Mortgage Club reserves the right to remove any firms from the entry process who we believe do not meet the mandatory criteria.

    Lenders - The Mortgage Club reserves the right to remove a lender from a particular category they have self-nominated themselves for, if we believe they do not write business in that lending area through Legal & General.

  3. Stage 3 – Voting Surveys

    Those firms who successfully make it through the verification process will then be included in the usual voting survey process whereby brokers & lenders vote for those firms they wish to recognise in each category. The lender profile information will be provided as part of the survey process to help inform brokers’ voting.

    The surveys will go live on Monday 17th May and will close on Friday 11th June.

    During this stage, we will also launch the National Network Partner award, a submission-based award only. Eligible broker firms will be contacted directly to invite them to submit an entry.

  4. Stage 4 – Finalist Announcement

    As in previous years, the finalists for each category will be unveiled via a video announcement on the Mortgage Solutions website. This year’s finalists will be announced on Friday 9th July.

    All the finalists across both the broker and lender categories will then be invited to provide a more detailed submission on why they believe they should win the award. Specific guidance for the submissions will be provided to the finalists following the announcement. The deadline for submissions to be received is Friday 27th August.

  5. Stage 5 – Judging

    All finalist submissions will be judged by panels made up of representatives from the L&G Mortgage Club alongside industry experts and peers. We will invite representatives from Lender firms to judge the broker awards, and vice-versa.

  6. Stage 6 – Winners Announcement

    Our 2021 winners will be announced live at our 2021 awards ceremony, which is currently scheduled to take place on Friday 22nd October at The Guildhall, London, government guidance at the time permitting.