Introducing SmartrCriteria

We appreciate that looking for the best mortgage options for your customers can be a time consuming process. With ever changing lender criteria and product updates, it can be hard to stay on top of it all.

This is why we have launched SmartrCriteria, a digital user-friendly system that has you and your customers in mind.

SmartrCriteria gives you a wide range of lending criteria and follow up questions, to arrive at the best possible outcome as quick as possible.

SmartrCriteria video


Benefits for Brokers

  • Over 390,000 criteria outcomes from more than 95 lenders.
  • Easy to view outcome sheet, enables you to gauge whether a lender will look at your customer's case.

Benefits for Lenders

  • SmartrCriteria will help steer new brokers towards you if their case is one you accept.
  • If a case is not something you would accept, the system will steer traffic away, leaving your communication lines open for more potential cases.
  • We have a 35% market share of the intermediated mortgage business.

How to register for SmartrCriteria

You can access SmartrCriteria via our new Club Hub Broker area.

1. Visit the Club Hub and click Register

2. Complete the form including your email address and 7 digit agency number

If you have any questions or are having trouble registering, please contact Mortgage Club Support Services

Access SmartrCriteria via Club Hub