How to register with this lender as a new user

There is no requirement to pre register with Hodge before sending in an application. On receipt of your first application or illustration request we will add your details to our adviser database.

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

Note Legal and General mortgage club in the club/network section on the application form.

How to contact this lender

For all your enquiries, quotations and case progressing please call our experienced business development and support team on 0800 138 9109, we are here to help.

If you would prefer to email, contact us at: lendingsupport@hodge.co.uk for all enquiries, quotations and case progressing or www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk for all your new business and decision in principle applications. 

Specialist lending tailored to your customer 

Our products

  • Retirement Interest Only Mortgages ‑;nbsp;70% LTV up to £1.5m
  • Equity Release ‑;nbsp;loans up to £600,000 and fee-free options available
  • Retirement Mortgage ‑;nbsp;a hybrid lifetime mortgage designed for borrowers aged 50-88
  • Holiday Let Mortgages ‑;nbsp;75% LTV up to £1.5m and day 1 re-mortgages available
  • Portfolio Buy-to-Let ‑;nbsp;mortgages on 4 or more properties for professional landlords
  • Residential Interest Only Mortgages ‑;nbsp;available from age 50 and includes our early repayment promise.


Our heritage

Hodge is a specialist lender with more than 50 years’ experience in later-life. Our product range is growing to suit the changing needs of our customers.  

As creator of the first equity release product in 1965, innovation drives us and in 2019 that helped us move into new markets including Holiday Let and Portfolio Buy-to-Let.  

We pride ourselves on delivering personal service and direct access to our expert underwriters. Our Specialist Lending Support team and regional BDMs ensure the application process runs smoothly. For us, no case is too complex, and we strive to help brokers place difficult cases.  


Why Hodge?

Mature borrowers have evolved and so have we

Mature borrowers have different needs and reasons for borrowing today. Whether it be to afford the rising cost of living or to enable their loved ones to buy their own home, we understand the “one-size-fits-all” retirement option is no longer viable.

We’ve spent a lot of time evolving our product offerings to enable intermediaries and their borrowers to have the freedom to choose the option which best suits them.  

From extending our Early Repayment Promise across our entire mortgage range to our RIO product, which now includes free valuations, fee-free options, higher LTV limits and the market’s lowest age limit, you can be assured we’ll have a competitive solution for your client, no matter how complex.

The expert's expert

Our dedicated in-house team of business development managers and underwriters are always on hand to provide our intermediaries with invaluable support and solutions, no matter how tricky the case may be.

We take pride in being friendly, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and making sure we take the time to understand you and your client’s needs, working together to find the perfect products for your borrower.

We’re committed to supporting you and building awareness and understanding of the later in life market, so we can not only make a positive difference to later life borrowers but also your business.

Doing the right thing is at the heart of what we do

We understand the importance of making sure you do the right thing by your customer, especially those who are deemed vulnerable.  For more than 50 years we’ve built up not only a wealth of experience in the later in life market, we’ve earned a strong and solid reputation for doing things the right way. 

Useful Links: 

Website https://www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk/

Retirement Mortgage Homepage https://www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk/products/retirement-mortgage/  

RIO Homepage https://www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk/products/55-mortgage/

Equity Release Homepage https://www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk/products/equity-release/

Holiday Let Homepage https://www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk/products/holiday-let/

Portfolio Buy-to-Let Homepage https://www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk/products/portfolio-buy-to-let-loan/

Annuities Homepage https://www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk/products/annuities/


Get in touch

You can access our dedicated support team either face to face, over the phone, by email or through our web chat.

To book an appointment or to contact us today call us on 0800 138 9109 or email us lendingsupport@hodge.co.uk


Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage 2.250% +£50 2.250%
Retirement Mortgage 1.250% +£50 1.250%
Flexible Lifetime Mortgage 2.400% +£50 (max £11,229) 2.400% (max £11,229)
Residential 0.550% 0.500%
Over 55 Retention 0.250% 0.220%