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The way you log in is changing…

We’re making some changes to your online account, to make logging in easier and more secure.

You might notice the log in screens look a little different as these changes are launched.  We’ll also be adding some new security features, such as multi-factor authentication, but we’ll keep you updated as things change.

Easier access to your account

As well as logging in with your User ID, you’ll also be able to use your registered email address - making it easier to access your account.

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Extra security

We’re introducing the option to request a verification code be sent to your mobile - for extra security and peace of mind.

Help with forgotten login details

Forgotten the email address or user ID you use? We can remind you of them with some of the characters hidden (so only you can recognise them) to help you access your account.

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We're committed to continuously improve your experience and hope you find these new features useful.