This section shows you detailed and up-to-date information of a selection of prices applying to Legal & General pension plans. Prices are published here immediately they become available.

If you are invested in a Property fund, you should check to see if this fund is still available as a number of Property funds have been temporarily suspended. Once suspended you cannot move money in or out of these funds. For more information please see Questions and Answers

* These include Personal Pension Plan 2000 which started on or after 6 April 2001 and Trustee Investment Plans which started on or after 24 June 2002.

**These unit prices apply for WorkSave pensions where the fund name(s) end with a 3. For example: 'L&G Fixed Interest 3'. For other WorkSave pension funds where the fund name does not end with a 3, please see Portfolio plus pension unit prices.

If you'd like to know more about the key policies and practices we use to manage our unit linked funds, please read our  .