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Angellica Bell

Rewirement podcast

Angellica Bell presents season two


Listen to colourful, unique, inspiring retirement stories

At Legal & General, we understand that retirement offers the opportunity and freedom to enjoy life and go on some adventures.

We believe that no two retirements are the same which is why we’ve found some retirees who are having the time of their lives in lots of different ways. In our new series you can listen to their stories.  

Usually found helping the nation save money on The Martin Lewis Money Show, our host Angellica Bell will be chatting to them about how they’ve been enjoying their retirement, how they prepared financially and what their expectations of retirement were.

Angellica will also be joined by some expert guests, who will share their tips on things to think about when you’re planning your retirement adventures.

Covering everything from how to make the most of every opportunity to the challenges of diversity in later life, listen to Rewirement for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or click the button below.

Angellica’s picture taken by Snooty Fox Images.

New episodes

  • Episode one: So, what do you do?

    So what do you do?

    For many, retirement doesn’t mean retiring the skills you’ve gained over the years. In this episode Angellica Bell chats to Nigel and Rosetta about how they’re living life to the full and giving back to their communities – in the UK and abroad. They’ll be joined by Andrew Kail, CEO of Retail Retirement at
    Legal & General, and Helen Cathcart, 
    co-founder of Bolder

    The way we retire today has changed  and so has the way we plan for it. Our experts will be sharing their advice on how you can fund your retirement dreamstake on new challenges and make the most of every opportunity.  

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    Read more about how Nigel and Rosetta have challenged perceptions of a conventional retirement.



  • Episode two: Changing career in later life

     Changing career in later life

    Are you considering a career change but not sure if it’s the right time? In episode two Angellica Bell will be chatting to Jacky and Mick, who both waited until their 50s before making the leap into new careersThey’ll be joined by Emma Byron, Managing Director of Retrement Solutions at Legal & General and Stuart Lewis, Founder & CEO of Rest Less. 

    Our experts will be discussing how to plan for a career change, the important role that training and education played in Jacky and Mick’s stories, and how to minimise the impact changing careers could have on your pension savings. 


    Mick - podcast.jpg

    JACKY - podcast.jpg

    You can find more advice about changing career in later life, and read Jacky and Mick’s stories, by visiting our New Skills and Careers when you're Older page.



  • Episode three: Travel adventures in retirement

    Travel adventures in retirement

    Many of us put off the trip of a lifetime because life gets in the way – work deadlines, family commitments or simply never getting round to booking those flights. Retirement often provides more time and the freedom to travel, which is why it’s on so many people’s agenda when they stop working. We share the stories of people who are having the time of their lives as they explore the world in their retirement. 





    Learn more about how to plan for travel in later life, and read inspiring stories from globetrotting retirees, by visiting our Travel Adventures in Retirement page.




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New skills in retirement

We share the stories of people who carved out new careers in later life, proving it’s never too late to retrain and take a different path.


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