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Make the most of your money and your retirement

At Legal & General we want you to get the best out of retirement. We’d like to make sure that you stay informed about your choices for funding retirement while giving you ideas to make the most of your time. Podcasts are a great way of finding out more, whenever you choose to listen.

We've teamed up with Shirley Ballas, who is head judge on the panel of Strictly Come Dancing and embracing life as she gets older. In these podcasts Shirley chats to a number of people about what they are looking forward to in retirement. She’ll be getting to grips with a range of topics and working with experts to find out how they may be able to make their money go further, and enjoy a more colourful retirement.


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Shirley with a few of our guests at one of the recordings




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How coronavirus might impact your retirement income

In these uncertain times we tackle some of the common questions about how your pension savings might be affected and find out what our experts have to say.

Our guest panel is:

Holly MacKay, Editor of website Boring Money

Chris Knight CEO , Legal & General Retail Retirement

Sara McLeish, CEO, Legal & General Financial Advice

Approaching retirement - a new beginning

We’re exploring what it means to retire in today’s world.

How you plan to spend your time in retirement is as important as how you fund the lifestyle you would like.

This episode has tips and ideas from:

Dr Allison Smith from Royal Voluntary Services

Chris Knight CEO, Legal & General
Retail Retirement

Moving from full time work to retirement

Many people have questions about how to make the leap from work to retirement without a bump. How do you get the balance between rest and play right? How can you adapt your relationships and routines?

Shirley speaks to our guests and gets suggestions from:

Tricia Cusden, Look Fabulous Forever

Emma Byron, Managing Director of
Legal & General Retirement Income


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Panel guests


Retiring as a single person

Jo Hemmings, Psychologist
Chris Knight, Legal & General


Financial planning for retirement

Holly MacKay, Editor of website Boring Money

Emma Byron, Legal & General


Attitudes to spending in retirement

Claire Singleton, Legal & General

Kara Gammell, financial journalist


Sharing money with the family

Jasmine Birtles, editor of Money Magpie

Sara McLeish, Legal & General


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