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Angellica Bell

Rewirement podcast

Angellica Bell presents season two


Listen to colourful, unique, inspiring retirement stories

At Legal & General, we understand that retirement offers the opportunity and freedom to enjoy life and go on some adventures.

We believe that no two retirements are the same which is why we’ve found some retirees who are having the time of their lives in lots of different ways. In our new series you can listen to their stories.  

Usually found helping the nation save money on The Martin Lewis Money Show, our host Angellica Bell will be chatting to them about how they’ve been enjoying their retirement, how they prepared financially and what their expectations of retirement were.

Angellica will also be joined by some expert guests, who will share their tips on things to think about when you’re planning your retirement adventures.

Covering everything from how to make the most of every opportunity to the challenges of diversity in later life, listen to Rewirement for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or click the button below.

Angellica’s picture taken by Snooty Fox Images.

Season two episodes

  1. Latest episode: Care & independence in retirement

    We spend our lives making plans, but thinking about our future care needs is something many of us don’t like to dwell on. In this episode Angellica chats to Feyi, Heather and Alan, who each have an inspiring story to share about how caring for themselves or a loved one has changed their lives. She’s also joined by Andrew Parfery, CEO & Co-Founder of Care Sourcer and Sam Roberts, Managing Director of Health and Care at Legal & General.

    Listen to the latest episode
  2. So, what do you do?

    Throughout our working lives, many of us feel defined by what we do. So when we retire, that can leave quite a hole in our identity. Retirement doesn’t have to mean retiring the skills you’ve gained over the years, though. In this episode Angellica meets Nigel and Rosetta, who are discovering new ways to support their communitiesThey’ll be joined by Helen Cathcart, co-founder of Bolder, and Andrew Kail, CEO of Retail Retirement at Legal & General 

    Listen to episode one
  3. Changing career in later life

    Are you considering a career change but not sure if it’s the right time? In this episode Angellica meets Jacky and Mick, who both waited until their 50s before making the leap into new roles. They prove it’s never too late to re-evaluate your career path and make the most of the freedom retirement brings. They’ll be joined by Stuart Lewis, Founder and CEO of Rest Less, and Emma Byron, Managing Director of Retirement Solutions at Legal & General.  

    Listen to episode two
  4. Travel adventures in retirement

    Many of us put off the trip of a lifetime because life gets in the way – work deadlines, family commitments or simply never getting round to booking those flights. Angellica catches up with June and Elizabeth, who picked up their passports in retirement and haven’t looked back. She’s also joined by Mark Hodson, Editor and Co-Founder of 101 Holidays and Claire Singleton, CEO of Home Finance at Legal & General. 

    Listen to episode three
  5. Healthy body, healthy mind

    If there are dreams you want to fulfil later in life, or you’d like an active lifestyle in retirement, how can you make sure you stay healthy and physically fit to achieve it all? Angellica meets Peter and Jill, who have found the right balance and are taking care of their health in lots of different ways. She’s also joined by Susan Saunders, Age-Well Health Coach, and Emma Byron, Managing Director of Retirement Solutions at Legal & General. 

    Listen to episode four
  6. Retirement among the LGBT+ community

    Most of us have questions and concerns about making the move from work to retirement. If you’re LGBT+, it can be especially difficult to see yourself in retirement because of a lack of representation. In this episode Angellica meets Patrick and Annie, who talk candidly about how their lives have been different as LGBT+ people. They’ll also be joined by Matthew Riley from Tonic Housing and Meg Dickens, Marketing Director of Retail Retirement at Legal & General.

    Listen to episode five
  7. Relocation, relocation, relocation

    Many of us have a vision of living somewhere completely different when we retire. Whether it’s a move to be nearer family, or to trade city life for somewhere more secluded. In this episode Angellica chats to Jennifer and Tina, who both took the opportunity of retirement to pack up and find somewhere new to call home. They’ll also be joined by author Celia Dodd and Andrew Kail, CEO of Retail Retirement at Legal & General.

    Listen to episode six
  8. Love and relationships in retirement

    Love in retirement looks very different today. Even if age does bring experience, it doesn’t make the emotions of new and changing relationships any less exciting – or delicate! In this episode Angellica meets Jane, who reunited with an old flame four decades after they first met, and Christine, who shares tips on how she and her second husband navigated their new life with seven children between them. They’ll also be joined by author and behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, and Sara McLeish, CEO of Financial Advice at Legal & General.

    Listen to episode seven


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