Who we are

Let us help get your clients’ home moving journey Sorted…

SortRefer is a free-to-use online portal for Mortgage Intermediaries which was built and designed by a team of former Brokers.

We provide you with all the tools & products to enhance the mortgage service you give to your clients, allowing you to deal with your clients’ home moving needs quickly & efficiently. We’re proud to have a wealth of industry knowledge built up over our 14 years in business, which means we’re equipped to providing you with exactly the tools you need.



What we do

When you register for your free SortRefer account, you’ll benefit from:

  • Additional earning opportunities through fair and transparent referral fees.
  • Market-leading technology, with the portal built in-house.
  • Competitively priced, client-facing, transparent quotations you can generate in seconds.
  • A dedicated support team – located in-house and out on the road.
  • A hand-picked panel of suppliers located throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Additional income stream… Sorted.

Here’s what you could earn per case when using SortRefer:

  • Sale – up to £300
  • Purchase – up to £300
  • Standard Remortgage – up to £300
  • Standalone Transfer of Equity – up to £300
  • Fixed Price Remortgage/Flexible Remortgage – up to £280, depending on the loan amount and deal selected.

To work out exactly how much you could be earning using SortRefer, try out Income Calculator: https://sortrefer.co.uk/marketing/proposition-earnings

As an additional thank you – we offer ‘Sort Club’ – our dedicated Loyalty Scheme for all of our Mortgage Intermediaries. It’s super simple. We give you a choice of prizes at specific Conveyancing Case completion milestones throughout the year. For further information, please visit: https://sortrefer.co.uk/marketing/sort-club