Track My Apps is a unique and simple online tool that will help you follow the progress of your new business retirement applications from start to finish, in just a few simple clicks.

How can Track My Apps help your business?

  • All the information you need in one place: it combines the status of your new business applications with a feed from Origo Options, so that you can track the progress of your applications and the transfer of funds.
  • It’s quick and easy to use: from a simple summary page to more detail on each application.
  • It’s in addition to our personal support: we believe Track My Apps will support the relationships you have with our dedicated team. If you have any questions or queries, there are many ways you can contact us.


To access Track My Apps, first make sure you are registered with our Adviser site.

If you have a new individual agency number you will be automatically registered to use our systems and will receive an email from our Auto Registrations mailbox with your user details.

Once registered, just  and follow the instructions to access Track My Apps.