Guide to gifting

Guide to Gifting

If you’re thinking about gifting money to family, our Guide to Gifting and useful resources will help you understand the best way to help when they need it most.
In our Guide to Gifting, personal finance journalist Katie Binns covers how to make practical, helpful gifts to loved ones that can be both effective and affordable. If you’re thinking about gifting, download our free guide to learn how to make a real impact.

Guide to Gifting

Download our 'free Guide to Gifting' to learn how much money you can gift, how inheritance tax works and the benefits of life insurance. We also share some non-financial ways you can help your loved ones.

More resources

image of grandma and granddaughter

Bank of Grandma and Grandad

As a grandparent, how would you feel if you knew your grandchildren were struggling financially? Read Lauren’s story of how her grandparents became the Bank of Grandma and Grandad. 

Family taking a selfie

The Bank of Mum and Dad (BoMaD)

In our article we look at how the Bank of Mum and Dad have supported their children financially. From helping them get on the property ladder to gifting money when they need it most.

Family together

Helping your loved ones onto the property ladder

Helping a loved one onto the housing ladder is something most of us wish we could do. But for many young people today, buying a property can seem just out of reach, forcing them into renting or living at home well into their 30s.

Additional support

Free guidance

Pension Wise from MoneyHelper is a free and impartial service from the Government, offering guidance to make money and pension choices clearer.

Retirement Advice from Legal & General

Our advisers are experts in retirement, providing you with impartial advice from pension and retirement planning.

Help with the cost of living

Citizens Advice offers information and support if you’re struggling with the cost of living.