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Save with a workplace pension

Workplace pensions are one of the most effective ways you can save for retirement. Learn about making the most from a workplace pension and the benefits of saving now.  

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Get an income

Our income products could help you make the most of your pension pot

Pension Annuity

A lifetime annuity that will pay you a regular income for the rest of your life.


Cash-Out Retirement Plan

Regular payments for a fixed term to maximise tax efficiency.

Fixed Term Retirement Plan

Regular payments for a fixed term to maximise tax efficiency. Guaranteed maturity amount at the end of the term. 

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Use your home

Consider using a lifetime mortgage if you need extra money in retirement

Want to use your home to get more income?

Our Lifetime Mortgages are a type of equity release. It’s a loan secured against your home which lets you release money as a cash sum or a fixed income over a fixed term.

Advice and guidance

Throughout your retirement you’ll still have some important decisions to make

Pension Advice & Guidance

We strongly recommend that you seek guidance from the Government's free and impartial service Pension Wise.

Jargon buster

We've done our best to avoid complex jargon but take a look at our jargon buster if you need more explanation on any terms we use.

Shop Around

It's important to shop around and get as much guidance and advice as you need before need before you make any decisions on what is best for you. Other providers may have more appropriate products or be able to offer a higher level of retirement income. 

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Saving for retirement

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