A second charge mortgage uses the borrower’s home or investment property as security and sits as a legal charge behind the first mortgage. Common reasons for needing one include home improvements, putting down a deposit on another property, paying for a wedding or school fees and consolidating debt.

If this isn't your area of expertise or you are unable to help your client at this time, you can refer them using the form on the right.

The average commission for second charge mortgages is £1,340, depending on the partner and the type of service that you choose. Please contact your referral partner for more information.1



  • They'd have to pay an early repayment charge if they ended their mortgage with their main lender.
  • They're enjoying a low rate and don't want to remortgage at a higher rate.
  • They've had some adverse credit registered on their credit file since taking out their main mortgage.
  • They need to raise funds more quickly than they could with a remortgage.

Consumer Duty requirements mean you should always compare second-charge solutions with other options such as a further advance, a remortgage and later-life lending to see which is most suitable. 

  • You’re not an expert in second-charge mortgages.
  • A lender is not available to you directly.
  • The permissions you’ve been given through your network mean you can’t advise your client directly.
  • Your professional indemnity policy doesn’t cover second-charge mortgages.
  • Referring your client will better help you meet MCD regulations.

Why refer with us

Referral Pro simplifies the referrals process, making it easy for you uncover new referral opportunities, expand your offering and help more clients achieve their financial goals. 

Each of our partners is a known industry expert, checked by us before inclusion in this service. Each operates under a contractual ‘no cross / repeat sale’ policy, protecting your business and income streams. And some are rated 'Advisers Choice' by advisers like you to reflect good experiences.