Choosing the right lifetime mortgage

What does your client need?

When selecting a product you may want to explore based on the needs of your client. In addition to these, each product has its own benefits to suit a wide range of client needs.

Home or garden improvements

Go on holiday of a lifetime

Product comparison

Decide what product is right for your customer based on product details

Flexible Optional Payment Income
A tax-free lump sum

A minimum loan of £10,000

A minimum loan of £10,000

A minimum initial loan of £2,500

A tax-free initial loan followed by a regular monthly income for a fixed term

The ability to stop taking monthly income at any time with no fee

Drawdown available

Pay some or all of the monthly interest by Direct Debit

Compound interest

By paying some or all of the monthly interest, your client can reduce the overall cost of the lifetime mortgage

Compound interest is reduced as funds are released in monthly amounts, rather than as a single upfront sum

Stop making monthly interest payments at any time

Optional Partial Repayments (OPR's) available 

Can only be made once your client stopped making the monthly interest payments 

Can only be made once your client has stopped taking the monthly income 

Release tax-free cash from their home

Stay in and continue to own their home

No Negative Equity Guarantee

Fixed interest rates

No affordability checks

Transfer mortgage when they move home

Inheritance Protection Option (This optional extra allows your client to protect part of the value of their home for inheritance)

May affect means-tested benefits