Retirement Interest Only Mortgage

The concept of retirement has changed rapidly in recent years. There’s no set retirement date anymore and the choices that your clients make in the years ahead are going to be personal and unique to them. While for most people a pension remains their main source of income in retirement, more people are now looking to their home as a way to borrow additional money. 

One clear theme is that people appear to be more comfortable borrowing later on in life. 

The reasons for this vary - from the fact that many of us are living for longer, there are gaps between client expectation and many are finding that their home makes them asset rich but cash poor. However, a growing and common theme is that many people who took out an interest-only mortgage a number of years ago are now reaching the point of repayment and are considering their options.

A Retirement Interest Only Mortgage could potentially offer a solution for these clients.


Exclusive rate for RIO

We're pleased to announce an exclusive fixed rate for life of 3.39% with no product fee, exclusively for Legal & General Mortgage Club members. Offer may be subject to change.

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