Invest in a stocks and shares ISA

  • You can invest your full ISA allowance of £20,000 in a stocks and shares ISA.
  • Invest either a lump sum or regular contribution from as little as £500 or £50 per month respectively.
  • No personal tax on the income or profit your investment earns.
  • No need to include ISA holdings on your tax return.
  • No initial charge or withdrawal fees. Other charges apply.

Types of stocks and shares ISA 

If you are new to investing, we’ve a range of simple funds designed to make it easy for you to make the right fund choice. Find out more about our Multi Index fund range

We offer a full range of funds for you to choose from, which include the following types:

  • Index-Tracker funds An easy and popular way to invest that follows the performance of a particular stock market.
  • Actively Managed funds A good way to invest in a particular sector or region.
  • Multi Asset funds A range of funds that invest in other funds (a fund-of-funds) or funds where assets are made up of a portfolio of company shares, bonds and cash (a mixed investment range).
  • Property fund. A fund that invests in commercial property.


  • Please remember the value of your investment and any income from it may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You may get back less than you invest.
  • Recommended investment period: medium to long term, ideally five years or more.
  • The tax efficiency of ISAs is based on current rules. The current tax situation may not be maintained. The benefit of the tax treatment depends on individual circumstances.
  • Each trust has its own risks detailed in the individual 'Key Investor Information' documents. More general information can be found in ' A guide to investing with us (PDF:812KB) '. Before you decide to invest you must read these documents.