Invest in a stocks and shares ISA

  • You can invest your full ISA allowance of £20,000 in a stocks and shares ISA.
  • Invest either a lump sum or regular contribution from as little as £500 or £50 per month respectively.
  • No personal tax on the income or profit your investment earns.
  • No need to include ISA holdings on your tax return.
  • No initial charge or withdrawal fees. Other charges apply.

Download your free guide

Your guide will help you to understand whether our stocks and shares ISA is the most appropriate for your circumstances.

It covers all of the following aspects that you may have questions about:

  1. Investing in ISAs: the basics
  2. Understanding Investment risk
  3. Investment funds: the main types
  4. Distribution and accumulation funds: breaking down the jargon
  5. Common fund charges
  6. Exploring assets, regions and sectors
  7. Building a diverse portfolio
  8. Deciding how to invest: lump sum and regular contributions

Download your free guide to investing in stocks and shares ISAs

Selecting the correct ISA for you

Investing your savings for the first time doesn't have to be complicated. We have created some simple options so everyone can save, not just financial gurus.

For over 175 years, our experience and expertise has been helping people like you achieve their financial goals.

We recommend a medium to long term investment period of ideally five years or more.

We do it for you

We’ve a simple ready-made option of five funds called Multi Index, that are managed on your behalf by our team of experts.

The funds are managed to ensure they stay within the level of risk you choose, regardless of what happens to external markets.

Ready-made fund options

Pick your own fund(s)

If you’d prefer to select your own investments from over 40 funds, you can view our full range.

Pick your own fund(s) 

Compare funds

You can compare different characteristics of our funds using our tool.

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