A loan secured against your home, for ages 55+

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Access the wealth in your property

Release tax-free cash from your home without the need to move. Take money from the loan when you need it.

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Gift a living inheritance

Relieve the inheritance tax burden on your loved ones by gifting the money while you're still alive.

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No fixed term and no monthly payments

The loan is repaid from the sale of your home when the last borrower dies or moves into long-term care.

Equity release calculator

This calculator helps you see how much equity you could release with a lifetime mortgage, a loan secured against your home. We’ll ask you to register your details so we can show you the calculation. You may also receive a call from us to assist you with your enquiry.

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This is a guide to the lifetime mortgage products we offer, and not advice or a personal recommendation. You can only buy a lifetime mortgage through a financial adviser.

If we call, we’ll use your address to look up your property to assist with your enquiry.

"We started to look at lifetime mortgages as we realised there was real advantage in being able to help our children. We have a lot of money tied up in the house and it was a way of releasing that money for better lives for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren."

- John and June, Oxfordshire

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"Everyone I’ve spoken to at Legal & General, all the way through, has been nothing other than a pleasure."

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