Fund information

Our investment guides highlight important things about investments, while our online tools can help you plan for your retirement.

Fund centre

The fund centre tool provides you with detailed information on performance and charges, as well as a fund factsheet, for each of the funds available to you.

Pathway funds

With a Pathway fund you can match your investment strategy to your ‘target retirement date’ within a 5 year period. Each Pathway fund has its own fund factsheet, providing information on the underlying assets and how they may change over time and aims of the fund.

Lifestyle profiles

We offer a range of lifestyle profiles targeting a range of different investment strategies and outcomes at retirement. Each one has its own factsheet, providing information on the underlying funds, switching pattern and target outcome.

Help and support

Investing for your future may at times seem daunting and confusing. However, we've created a series of investment videos to help you understand the ways in which you can save a little now, in order to have more of the life you want later.

Watch the videos

Our videos are designed to simplify the jargon and walk you through your options, and should be used in conjunction with our other guides and tools.