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The Stafford for Intermediaries

How to register with this lender as a new user

Visit and complete the registration form titled ‘Intermediaries registration form and T&C’ please email your completed form to 

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

When registering with this lender, please inform them that Legal & General Mortgage Club will be one of your nominated routes for payment.

You will need to tick the box for “Legal & General Mortgage Club” as your assigned mortgage club on the application form.

How to contact this lender

Mortgage Team

Phone: 01785 231444 / Email:


Business Development Team

Emma Parker   

Business Development Manager 

Phone - 07506 906525 / Email:   

LinkedIn : 


Nisha Sahonta 

Business Development Manager 

Phone – 07956866563 / Email: 

LinkedIn - 

Who we are

An Individual Approach to Lending

We have been offering mortgages for over 140 years lending throughout England and Wales. We operate from a single site in the centre of Stafford, which means there are no call centres. You will always be able to contact a member of our mortgage team directly and can discuss your quirky cases with an underwriter directly.

Celebrating the Niches

Our proposition consists of 2 core areas which include Land and properties and income. These are all wrapped up in the most important factor that sets us apart from the herd....service We also credit check not score all our mortgage applications.

What we do

Land & Property  

  • No limit on acreage
  • Occupancy restrictions – Agriculture tie, section 106’s
  • Overage clauses
  • Small holdings for personal use
  • Multiple properties – for our use or let out on BTL or HL
  • Outbuildings/ Annex – For own use or let out on BTL or HL
  • DIY liveries
  • Small scale agricultural businesses
  • Knock throughs
  • Listed buildings
  • Unusual properties – old B&B’s/nursing homes/shops being converted back to residential/ residential renovations/refurbs
  • Flats above 4 floors


  • Earned income to age 75 ( non-manual job)
  • Max age at end of term 85
  • 100% of bonus/commission/overtime with P60
  • Latest years accounts with a steady increase
  • Salary and dividends or net profit and salary with sustainability
  • Professionals like Doctors and Dentists can consider 1yrs accounts
  • Joining partnerships do not need to have 2yrs accounts
  • Undrawn SIPP income -  can be used if could draw but choosing not to
  • Undrawn Investment income – can use 5% of the total from managed portfolios
  • 4 apps and 4 incomes


  • Dedicated BDM
  • No call centre’s or long waits on the phone
  • 24hr DIPs
  • Direct access to the underwriters
  • Morning referral meeting to discuss the more complex cases
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Multi-Pet Discount Terms and Conditions

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