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Who we are

Our parent, Tandem Bank, launched in 2014, has established itself as a socially aware, greener, digital bank providing hard working people across the UK with sustainable ways to save, borrow and spend. Tandem’s Mortgage Division, launched in November 2021, is an intermediary focussed specialist lender bringing a new kind of thinking and energy to first charge lending.  We are a first charge lender dedicated to the broker market and have launched our first product range, concentrating on remortgages, which we believe will be one of the main areas of concentration for intermediaries in 2023.

What we do

We have removed the usual frustrating roadblocks, reimagining the remortgage process to make it faster and more responsive whilst giving your clients a real chance to get the funds they need more quickly. Legal work is fee free in house and the widespread use of AVMs (or a free valuation up to £700,000) are among our USPs. The end result is simple - clients receive their funding faster.


  • A Fair Notice period for all interest rate and product withdrawals.
  • Fair View Credit Assessment – Tandem will assess an applicant’s credit file based on 22 months rather than the industry average of 60 months
  • 90% Maximum LTV (including debt consolidation)
  • Fixed rates are booked at the time of an accepted AIP.  
  • No lender application fees
  • No interest charged on fees
  • Product Transfer 
  • Portable products
  • Fully online and live interaction
  • EPC discounts available

Everything we do is aimed at making life easier for you and fairer to your client.

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