We’re excited to launch our new Retirement Interest Only Mortgage

We've entered the later life residential mortgage market to help deliver on our commitment to creating innovative, value for money solutions for your clients that suit the changing needs of those approaching and in retirement today.

A Retirement Interest Only Mortgage (RIO) can help to deliver the flexibility, security and control that people want as they move through retirement, whatever that might look like.

Whether your client is coming to the end of their interest-only mortgage term or they're looking to make home improvements, help family members or simply top up their retirement income, there are a number of different options available to them. 

At Legal & General we're committed to working with intermediaries to help individuals make more informed choices about their retirement finances by designing solutions that meet their changing needs.

Product information

Find out more about our Retirement Interest Only Mortgage:

  • who it might be suitable for;
  • how it works;
  • how much can be released;
  • product literature.

RIO calculator

See how much your client can borrow and their affordability outcome by adding their:

  • loan details;
  • applicant details;
  • income details;
  • monthly committed expenditure.

*If you're contacting us by email please remember not to send any personal, financial or banking information belonging to you or your client because email is not secure method of communications.