Retirement has changed. It’s no longer a cliff edge but an evolving period of our longer lives, and it’s different for everyone.

This reinvention of retirement introduces new challenges, such as longevity risk, sequencing risk, managing the trade-offs between income needs, inheritance goals and care costs. The risk of poor investment returns, increases in inflation or high withdrawal rates can all erode pension savings rapidly.

Against this backdrop, what actions can you take to help clients create a robust retirement strategy?

Decumulate Differently has been designed to support you, the adviser, as you consider your approach to supporting your clients during this phase in their lives.

Our guide

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Key highlights

  • Review how clients’ objectives and priorities in retirement have changed
  • Explore the impact of volatile economic environments on a client’s retirement objectives and portfolio
  • Consider how a layered approach could be used effectively to underpin a client’s retirement income portfolio
  • Explore the uses of property wealth for income and estate planning
  • Insights, research, case studies and a defined action plan to help your clients achieve financial security in retirement



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