Buying commercial property is a specialist area and one that you may prefer to place with an expert. Commercial mortgages cover a wide variety of objectives including buying or refinancing owner-occupied/trading business premises, or commercial properties to let/refurbish and sell for a profit. 

Properties that can be suitable include offices, retail and industrial units, warehouses, care facilities including children’s nurseries and nursing homes, pubs and restaurants, hotels and guest houses, petrol stations, forecourts and car washes, and holiday parks.

You can earn up to 50% of the enhanced lender procuration for commercial-mortgage referrals, depending on the partner and the type of service that you choose. The average commission is £3,159 – please contact your referral partner for more information.1



  • You’re struggling to place with traditional banks.
  • Who wants to purchase or remortgage commercial premises for their business or for rental gain.
  • Who'd like to raise capital for business purposes.
  • Who's looking to buy their leased business premises.
  • Who'd like an interest-only mortgage.
  • Who's a large-portfolio landlord.
  • Who's borrowing under a limited company or LLP name, or pension funds, charities, and trusts.
  • Who's borrowing under a limited company or LLP name, or pension funds, charities and trusts.
  • You’re not an expert in commercial mortgages.
  • A lender is not available to you directly.
  • The permissions you’ve been given through your network mean you can’t advise your client directly.
  • Your professional indemnity policy doesn’t cover commercial mortgages.
  • Referring your client will better help you meet consumer duty regulations.

Why refer with us

Referral Pro simplifies the referrals process, making it easy for you uncover new referral opportunities, expand your offering and help more clients achieve their financial goals. 

Each of our partners is a known industry expert, checked by us before inclusion in this service. Each operates under a contractual ‘no cross / repeat sale’ policy, protecting your business and income streams. And some are rated 'Advisers Choice' by advisers like you to reflect good experiences.