Contracts and commission

Important Updates

Did you know that our Terms of Business Agreement (“TOBA”) has been updated for the latest regulatory changes and will become effective from 1st May 2018. The new TOBA and a supporting Q&A document can be found below

Please note the Agency Enquiries Helpline 0370 900 5010 opening hours are 10am to 4pm, and closed between 1pm and 2pm Monday to Friday.

We want to help you write compliant business and make sure you get paid the right commission. We know that most people hate the terms and conditions of agreements but ours are easy.

Our agreement is made up of:

PDF file: Intermediary Terms of Business (Valid from 1st May 2018) 

A more detailed explanation of the main changes to the ITOB is contained in a Q&A document which, along with the updated Tob (together with all associated remuneration schedules), can be viewed below.

PDF file: Terms of Commission for Independent Financial Advisers

PDF file: Adviser Charge Facilitation Schedule

PDF file: Directors Personal Guarantee Form 

If we change any of these documents, we'll tell you here and in writing if the changes are significant. If the Terms of Business changes, we'll tell you 10 days before and you might need to re-sign it. With most changes we'll assume you agree once we get your next application. Correspondence will be with Master account holders, so you may be advised via your network if you are an Appointed Representative.