We've already helped many large employers through auto enrolment so if your client is looking to change provider, we can help you too.

Our experience

We've successfully steered a wide range of employers and advisers through the auto enrolment and re-enrolment process.

We've supported and delivered effective solutions that meet complex regulatory requirements. Our insight and experience means we are well placed to support you and your clients in all aspects of auto enrolment and re-enrolment implementation.

Key learning

Careful planning is essential. Designing and operating processes and procedures require:

  • Project management
  • Sufficient time
  • Attention to detail

Key project areas


We've helped some of the biggest businesses in Britain comply with their auto enrolment duties. Experience tells us your client's planning should involve all areas of their business. HR, Finance, Payroll and IT personnel, as well as any external software providers - all need to collaborate in the early stages.


Complying with auto enrolment means dealing with large volumes of information. Inevitably this means clients need access to employee data. We've learnt that data integrity is a key aspect to assessment and communication of a successful project.

Therefore, as part of our systems readiness programme, we have:

  • Ensured systems integrate with flexible benefit platforms
  • Developed online tools that complement employer payroll and HR systems
  • Undertaken robust testing of internal systems
  • Improved our internal administration platform to increase efficiency


Effective implementation means employees are kept informed at important stages of the auto enrolment journey. Your clients shouldn't underestimate the time taken to produce effective communications.

Targeted, good quality communications will mean employees:

  • Become engaged early on in the process
  • Are aware of how auto enrolment affects them
  • Begin to think about their long-term financial future


Our experience has shown us that during early planning, it's important for your clients to clearly identify who's responsible for undertaking the employee eligibility assessment.

Will this be the payroll provider, employer, or us?

We can help your clients with their assessments from the outset, as well as on an ongoing basis.


We can support your clients through the implementation process. See  Implementing auto enrolment  for more details.

Here you'll find key questions clients need to think about before they begin planning, as well as a case study illustrating the key challenges surrounding auto enrolment.

We'd like to share our experience and expertise with you

Contact us if you would like to find out more or if you have any specific client projects you'd like to discuss.